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Written by William B on May 7, 2008

this company will get their just rewards... see article

TALLAHASSEE -- Attorney General Bill McCollum today sued a Clearwater business, alleging it engaged in deceptive and unfair practices by charging for foreclosure

consulting services but failing to provide the assistance promised.

According to the lawsuit, Law & Associates, LLC claimed it could help homeowners who were facing foreclosure and charged an up-front cash fee of approximately $1,500

to $2,000.

Consumers reported to the Attorney Generals Office that the company not only failed to provide promised services but also refused to refund the fee despite an

advertised money-back guarantee.

More citizens in Florida are facing the very real possibility of losing their homes to foreclosure than anywhere else in the country, said Attorney General McCollum.

"My office will continue working to ensure that businesses who offer assistance to these people are held accountable to the law," said McCollum.

Law & Associates sends direct mailers to individual homeowners who are facing foreclosure. The mailers allegedly tell the homeowners they must call the company within

72 hours to see if they are eligible for a plan to stop the foreclosure process.

The company also advertises online, allegedly promising to stop the foreclosure process and providing a money-back guarantee if they do not achieve a viable strategy

with the lender to stop the foreclosure.

When homeowners contact Law & Associates, they are allegedly told they qualify for a plan to stop foreclosure but must pay the hefty cash fee for Law & Associates to

take their case.

Once a homeowner pays the fee, he or she purportedly receives a written contract from Law and Associates that contains numerous terms and conditions not previously

disclosed to the customer.

According to the lawsuit, most of those terms and conditions are designed to prevent a homeowner from being entitled to a refund if Law & Associates is not successful

in stopping the foreclosure. The Attorney Generals office has received more than 65 complaints from consumers about Law & Associates.

The Attorney Generals lawsuit alleges six counts against Law & Associates and Thomas E. Law, II for violations of Floridas Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

The Attorney General is seeking penalties of $10,000 per violation and reimbursements for consumers who paid the fees.

The lawsuit also asks the Court to require the company to cease its operations.


Law & Associates, LLC, Thomas E. Law II PDF Print E-mail1140 Kapp Drive Clearwater, FL 13660 Wright Circle Tampa Fl (Thomas Law is associated with this address)

Case Number: L07-3-1131

Allegation or issue being investigated:Violation of Chapter 501, Part II, Florida Statute - Failure to perform on contract to assist in foreclosure matters


FLORIDA: On April 3, 2008, the Florida Attorney General's Office filed a Six Count action against the company and its Managing Member, Thomas E Law, for alleged

violations of the Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, (Case # L07-3-1131, filed in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial in and for Pinellas County,

Florida). Some of the allegations against the company include:

--Using deceptive and false advertising;--Failing to disclose the restrictions and prohibitions prior to collecting fees in habiting the consumer's ability to obtain a refund;--Failing to provide the promised services;--Failing to honor the money back guarantee; and--Offering repayment plans that were not feasible to consumers;

These matters are still pending and for more information and details on the action, please contact the Florida Attorney General's Office at (850) 414-3990


MINNESOTA: On November 14, 2008, the Minnesota Attorney General's Office filed a default judgment against the company alleging violations of Minnesota's Consumer Fraud

Act (Case Number 27-CV-08-20980, filed in the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District in and for Hennepin County, Minnesota). Some of the allegations against

the company include:

-- Failing to render foreclosure services once the company paid;-- Making false and misleading statements;-- Failing to disclose the refund policy on contracts;-- Collecting an upfront fee for services before any services were provided; and-- Failing to register with the State of Minnesota in order to be able to conduct business.

The company and its principals are enjoined from:

-- Marketing or performing services as a foreclosure company;-- Offering mortgage foreclosure assistance to homeowners whose homes are in foreclosure; and-- Accepting payment of any kind for foreclosure services.

The company has been ordered to make full restitution to all Minnesota residents who paid the company for foreclosure consulting services, pay the State of Minnesota

$25,000 as a civil penalty and pay an additional $999.00 to the State of Minnesota for investigation and attorney's fees.For more information and details on the action, please contact the Minnesota Attorney General's Office at (651) 296-3353 or

Law & Associates, LLC

Phone: (800) 329-9973 (Disconnected)Fax: (800) 345-4022View Additional Phone Numbers1140 Kapp Dr, Clearwater, FL 33765-! There is an alert for this business !


Tom LawAsier Holdings13660 Wright CirTampa, Fl 33626(727)4249692

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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East Bend, North Carolina, United States #300946

Written by Gloria on May 7, 2008

I contacted this company in July 2007. They were suppose to help save my home. They requested a fee of $1980.00 and they guaranteed they would work something out with

my mortgage company to avoid foreclosure. My mother made a deal with the mortgage company and called law and associates requesting a refund. They told her to send an

e-mail to jason nadler, requesting the refund. That was August 7, 2007. We have been calling and e-mailing mr nadler since then. We still have not received the refund.

I was going to use the refund to honor the deal my mother got with the mortgage company, since there was no refund, there was no deal. My house is scheduled to be sold

in the very near future. I have contacted the BBB, Florida States Bar Association and the states attorney, still no refund. What ever you do, don't deal with this


East Bend, North Carolina, United States #300945

Re: Law & Associates and others like you

AUTHOR: Terri - Benton (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Again, I will reiterate that Law and Associates are truely out there to rip people off. I am Terri and yes, I lost over a thousand dollars to these people, they like

to come back with rebuttals and state that I was not honest, which I was. They knew my story, they knew my problems, apparantly I'm not the only one they "ripped off".

My only comment now is to anyone considering assistance, not only from "Law and Associates", but anyone else who "claims" they can help you with your foreclosure

problems, they cannot do anything that you cannot do for yourselves.

All you have to do if your having financial trouble is to contact your mortgage company and try to work out a plan. If you are too far behind, then, your better off

trying to sell your place before the foreclosure date. My point is that these companies can NOT do anything more than you can simply do by trying to negotiate

yourself. That's all they do, but they charge you a couple of thousand dollars to do it. Go back at look at your contract, it will state everything.

Also, go to your local library and read up on your rights as a homeowner in trouble of losing your home to foreclosure and your rights. Or, research online, but stay

away from these companies that offer help, if it sounds too good to be true it is.. And...

mortgage company. So save your money. Stay away from the crooks, or you'll be like the rest of us, trying to fight for the huge amount of money we spent listening to

people who think that the huge amount of money we gave them is such a small amount to them to pay for the same thing we can do ourselves.

It does not surprise me that employees constantly respond back and state they do not know who I am. If anyone is interested in reading the many emails, including the

one I sent in explaining my situation to them.. I'd be glad to show anyone, and I'd be glad to show anyone all of the copies of our "paperwork" that we had to

complete. I kept everything! Including the so called "Money Back Guarantee" they sent with the documents. I still have the entire file they sent me. Yet, they "do not

know me".

I'm done with this, I've never seen a company try so hard to "cover their tracks" If I have never been heard of by Law and Associates, how would I know of Randi Rivers

who works for you? Shall I plug in more names of people that I spoke with while paying for a bogus service.

I mean come on, I even had the mortgage company tell me I should not have wasted my money after we ended up settleing things with them. If this company is so honest

and trustworthy then why worry about your "reputation" so much with the constant rebuttals?

My only goal here is to inform people of doing extensive research, contacting your mortgage companies directly and reading your contracts in detail before spending any

money on the "service" these companies suggest they provide.

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East Bend, North Carolina, United States #300943

Law And Associates ripoff fraudulent in warrenty statements and services Clearwater

Contacted Law and Associates to inquire whether or not they may be of service to help us avoid foreclosure on our home. Stated to them that we had tried to do a work

out with the bank "lender" and that we could not make the 24 hour deadline they were requireing, also informed that that we were in a bankruptcy and would they still

be able to assist us with our sitation. "of course, they can help us" Ms. Randi Rivers stated. She asssured me that the bank "had to work with us, because we work with

government programs to do work out programs for you as long as you can provide us with efficient income and a statement assuring that you are out of the hardship that

brought you to the current situation".

We provided all of this information and I again asked her before submitting the $795 payment, are you sure this will work with our situation, because I just do not

have that kind of money lying around, that if i did, I think i would not be in this situation to begin with. She assured me that "if they could not provide us with a

workable situation with our lender, that we would be able to have our money refunded, based on thier money back guarantee".

After submitting all additional paperwork, they tell me there is nothing that can be done, they could not get the bank to do a work out. And, now that I've tried to...

excercise my rights to their "money back guarantee", they are saying that I did not disclose infomration to them and therefore am not eligible for a refund. Basically,

now that I've been talking with attorney's, they did nothing more than I could have actually done myself, that every homeowner has the right to do without the

assistance of attorneys such as Law and Associates or anyone else, but again, every homeowner has the right to speak with their lenders mitigation department to try to

do a work out and here I was the *** to seek help and be assured that they could help me as was ripped off for $1,590. Beware of companies like these, they flat out

lied to the attorney generals office when I filed a complaint and stated that I was not truthful with them.


Benton, Arkansas


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East Bend, North Carolina, United States #300942

On May 1,2006 I contacted them to see if they could help me save my home. I spoke to Dan S. He told me that the company would work on my behalf with my lender. He also

said that Law & Assoc. were a member of the BBB. I was told that we could make payments over the next few weeks so I asked over & over if they would be able to help

me. He assured me that I would not lose my home. So I sent a payment of 250.00.

On May 2,2006 I faxed all the paper work they requested. the next 3 weeks I kept in contact with them about anything I had recieved or calls from my lender.

Around the 3rd week I sent them another payment of 600.00 and that is when I was told that they will not do anything on my behalf until they were paid in full.

The sale date came and went.On June 17th I sent them a letter stating that I am requesting a refund of the 850.00 I paid them for the reasons of giving me misleading

information,such as being a member of the BBB,which they are not. For not contacting my lender.They have done nothing worth 850.00 and that I would not be sending

anymore monies at this time. I requested that the refund be mailed within 2 wks of recieving the letter.

On June 27th I called and spoke to Mr.Boyle.The company had recieved my letter & it went to the commitee on the 23rd of June & something should be decided in a few


I have called several times with no call backs from them.I have also emailed...

This company did not do anything for the amount of 850.00.They Never contacted my lender! I emailed them to send me proof of the services they have provided & they

have until July 12th(reg mail) or July 7th by email. If the can show me proof of the work they did on my behalf then I am willing to take a reduced refund of 600.00

but no less.I have contacted the BBB. The next step is to contact the attorney general in FL.I will fight this until I get what I am deserved. I did the leg work &

everything else I paid them to do!

On the bright side, My home was not sold & I found a non-profit organization who helped me for free! I & my husband NEVER expected to be in the situation of maybe

losing our home & when I contacted Law & Associates I really put my trust & faith in them to come up with a plan to save my home which they DID NOT do.

Some advice...If your are in the situation of losing your home. First of all DO NOT pay anyone to work on your behalf with the lender.You contact your lender

immediately & keep in contact with them.Find a local non profit housing organization to see if they can help you. Please do not give this company or any others your

money that you do not have in the first place.they know how to reel you in & take your money for services they promise to providethen never do.

First of all,why have I yet to receive the info I asked for in July of 2006? You have had ample time to send it.If your company did nothing wrong then you shouldn't

have a problem with sending me the info I requested ASAP.

Your company NEVER contacted my lender.My husband NEVER negotiated any plans directly with our lender.A non profit organization helped us.Now the reason for no refund

is because we lied to you about several plans we had with our lender? Since when did the reason for no refund change?

About the BBB...I know you are not a member but that's not what Dan S. told me. I was told by him that your company was a member more than once. You don't call that

misleading? They tried to contact you several times about my complaint but you never responded. If you did no wrong wouldn't you want to tell them that?

I don't take being lied to lightly. I did the leg work I paid you to do.I requested simple proof of the work your company did for the amount that I paid you.

Come on for once be a stand up guy and show people that I'm wrong about you and your company.

I would love to see it happen.

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